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Rent a paramotor like a Top 80, Pap 1400, or Fresh Breeze Simonini for $150 a day Rent the Monster Bullet Trike for $200 a day You must be a certified PPG pilot or be enrolled in the USPPA PPG class at PlanetPPG Foot Launch - Learn to lift and control the wing on the ground so you will be able to walk into the sky. Foot Launch is very rewarding! Trike Launch - Want to sit while you launch and land? We recommend anyone over 45 consider wheels. Trike allows easy launch! USPPA class offered at Pine Island Airport: 1. Pre course interview to better understand your goals and limitations (if any). Introductions and facility orientation. Instructor Conduct Pledge & Initial USPPA syllabus review. Learn about aerodynamics and how a powered paraglider actually works. 2. Learn all about the equipment you will be flying. With a "hands-on" approach check out the paraglider, engine, harness and reserve parachute. We will cover the internal workings of the engine, maintenance, and repairs. If you have decided to use a trike we will cover that as well. Tandem flights are offered to better prepare the student for future solo flight. 3. Get to know the FAA Part 103 regulations. You will learn how to read the FAA Sectional maps. We will look at your home area on the sectionals to see what restrictions you might have at your future LZ. We will also examine how thermals and weather effects paragliders. 4. Learn how to handle the wing while on the ground. This is important. Once you master this you advance to actual flight! 5. You are ready. Your first solo flight will be an experience that you will never forget. We will take pictures and video to record the event. You will then take more flights to gain in experience while learning the finer points of flight and spot landing. To Get Started: All you need to do is contact us. We will be happy to discuss the options you have. Please do not be fooled by other offers like: "must buy this brand" or "you do not need structured (with syllabus) training" or "free training for life". Do your research. The more informed you are the better pilot you will be. Look past market hype - ask questions! When you meet the skills and knowledge requirements of the USPPA training syllabus you will be awarded a PPG1 and then PPG2 certifications. This is an acknowledgement that you have acquired the skills necessary to fly safely on your own. You will become a member of a privileged group of individuals that have chosen to take charge of their lives and fly above the earth.

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